Our story

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Hey! I am Sarah, founder of Leeni's and mama to Taleen AKA Leeni. The idea to start Leeni's first sparked months after I discovered this world of children's clothing that is far different from anything else I knew. This world has clothes that come in all colours and patterns. I mean can you imagine clothes that are not just pink and unicorns or blue and cars? A world with organic fabrics and excellent quality that can be passed on. And most importantly a world where the brands behind it are actually people like you and me who care about the planet we live in and try as much as we can to do better. And that's simply what Leeni's is all about, an online store that brings kidswear brands loved by you, your kids, and the planet from different parts of the world.

Leeni's is all about...


we value the connections we make with our customers and the brands we work with.


We accept and have empathy for everyone from all backgrounds.


We only try to find and offer the best quality. We like to think that what you buy from Leeni's will be passed on & on.


We are constantly making mistakes and learning to become better humans for ourselves and for our families. And believe that every person has their own journey.